I’m Macala Rose, I’m a mindfulness facilitator, podcaster, and author who creates tools for professional women of color over the age of 40, develop unshakeable inner calm.

All That Matters

I am a woman who’s lived many lives (all by the ripe age of 43). 

In those lives, I’ve come to learn a lot about myself. 

I’ve come to know:

I prefer small towns over big cities.

I prefer driving long near empty country backroads over flying first class. 

I prefer simple, intimate outdoor adventures over opulent experiences in far off lands. 

I prefer living a slow, intentional life over the fast-paced one modern culture variously drives us to crave. 

Do you know how I discovered what I actually wanted? 

It was mindfulness. 

What I Found in the stillness

In 2017, I’d built a business most people would have been proud of. But that work left me feeling hollow, overanxious, angry, and numb. I couldn’t sleep and the constant chatter from the voice in my head wouldn’t shut up. 

I’d been slowly, and not so successfully, editing down that business when the pandemic hit. It was then, I said, “Fuck It and Fuck This Shit”,  and allowed all the balls I’d been juggling to fall. I sat down and went inward, doing a self-guided excavation of the emotions, ideas, and identities that made up “Macala”. 

That journey had some extremes in it. But in the end, what I came back to was the ability I had developed to pay attention to what was happening to me right now, and how that experience informed my thoughts and the feelings within my body. 

Being able to focus on the present moment and respond to situations versus being reactive was a game changer.

  • I stopped overthinking. 
  • I stopped experiencing anxiety.
  • I stopped apologizing for having boundaries.
  • I stopped ignoring the desire to live an intentional life. 
  • I stopped apologizing for being who I was.
  • I stopped denying that my fulfillment lay outside money or titles. 

By stopping, I was able to begin again. I started living in a way that worked for me, and living a life aligned to my values and beliefs allowed me to develop the ability to feel at home within myself, and develop an unshakeable inner calm. 

Let's Develop inner calm

And now that’s what I do for a living. I create media and digital products for professional women of color, over the age of 40, who are entering their third or fourth stages of life, to quiet their minds, feel at home within their bodies, and develop unshakeable inner calm so they can start living a life they love.

If you want to ask me something beyond what's offered on the site, send me an email.

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