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Vox Intra

The Chrysalis Breaker Self-Discovery Deck

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The exercises presented in this deck are meant to help the you develop you own sense of self, cultivate your unique identity, and nurture your independence. 

Uncover what makes you - YOU - your values, feelings, needs, thoughts, beliefs, boundaries.

Sense of Self + Individuality

This deck will especially resonate with perfectionists, people pleasers, those who are working on developing boundaries, or just people who are wanting to explore coming into their own and living more authentically.

These 30 cards, and packed with exercises to help you develop mindfulness, honor your boundaries, identify distorted thinking, and more.

  • Neutrally written and friendly for any orientation/gender identity 
  • Dimensions: 3.5x5"
  • Packaged in a matching paper hook box that beautifully unfolds 
  • Women-owned and designed

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