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Practice Dirty: 30-Day Mindfulness Workbook and Journal

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Practice Dirty: 30-Day Mindfulness Journey

I've spent the last three years going inward. In that time, I've read over 75 books, taken over 1000 hours of classes, tried over 50 apps, and listened to hundreds of podcasts.

During this beautiful process of discovery, I kept feeling like there were few resources that understood what it was like to be a woman of color who, over 40, was trying to find a home within herself. 

Don't get me wrong, I love and honor all that's been in the mental health and wellness space by so many other healers, guides and facilitators. But as a mixed-race woman, gay woman, over the age of 40.

There's something missing. I wanted to find tools and resources that took into account:

  • The many lives I'd lived thus far.
  • The process it takes it takes to overcome self-doubt, fear, and feeling of unworthiness.
  • The strength it takes to stand up and be seen.
  • The process of healing that takes a long time, especially when you're recovering severe trauma (like physical and mental abuse).
  • The need to acknowledge that not everyone can heal and go inward from a place of privilege. 
  • The strength it takes to do deep inner work. 
  • That acknowledged and honored loss and grief.
  • The chrysalis that happens when you emerge on the other side.
  • And so much more...

Since I couldn't find the resources I wanted, I started creating them. This workbook is designed to help you explore mindfulness. It's a digital tool, that you can use at the beginning of your journey. 

In it, you'll find simple explanations of what mindfulness is, and how it can be used in your everyday life as a black woman or woman of color.

Practice Dirty is the first journal and workbook and planner, designed for black women, and women of color, over the age of 40.

While it's designed for those that are new to mindfulness, it doesn't contain any of the fluffy, toxic and non-trauma informed practices I often see in mainstream wellness culture.

The 30-Day Journal takes you through:

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Breathwork Techniques
  • How to Ground
  • Dealing with Being Overwhelmed
  • Daily Writing

It's built on self-guided inquiry, so you will find gratitude and daily journal prompts. The prompts are short, the journal is structured to have you write one page per day.

You can spend 5 minutes on it or 30, how long you practice each morning is entirely up to you. All you need in addition to this workbook is an app of your choice. 

Inner work and healing is hard, it's a practice that can be down right dirty. But we can do it together. Won't you #PracticeDirty with me?

*Please note, this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD only. It is NOT a fillable PDF. It's designed to printed out so that you sit down with it and write in it each day.*

And if you love this resource, tell me.  The ones you love the most will be turned into physical book and journals you can purchase down the line!

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