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The Indwell Guide: 8-Step Mental Health Book

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“We cannot care for our mental health if we've never learned how.” - Hatty Lee, co-creator of The Indwell Guide

We divided this guide into the following eight steps: ground, presence, awareness, truth, inhabit, connect, dream, and empower.  

While we recognize that life is not linear, we mapped out a step-by-step process to offer clarity, in the order in which we felt was most impactful to learn about each step. 

In each step, we explore a mental health practice informed by neuroscience, our lived experiences, different psychotherapy approaches, and life coaching processes.


Education on your mind-body connection supported by neuroscience and psychological research. Includes topics such as neuroplasticity, polyvagal theory, nervous system regulation, how the past affects the present, family of origin exploration, epigenetics, personality, the intersection of multiple identities, patterns of pain, and how to pave new brain pathways toward lasting change. 

Journal Prompts

Thoughtful questions that encourage deeper self-reflection, explore your patterns, and identify concrete ways to move forward in your life. 

Guided Exercises

Practical mental health tools that help you cope with triggers and learn new responses by explaining the foundational skills to begin to recover from your past, cope in the present, and live with purpose.

Action Plans

Life coaching directives that help you practice the mental health tools you are learning, create new habits and keep you accountable on your wellness journey. 

The One Book That Goes Beyond Average Self Care

While this book is definitely focused on self-care, we wanted to acknowledge that self-care is not the end-all.  That's why it was important for us to include topics that help pave a way forward for you to move beyond self-care by empowering you to better care for your families, friends, communities, and the world. 

As has been our experience, we believe that when your home within becomes a place that invites peace, connection, and a sense of belonging, it has the power to birth a new vision where you can discover your own calling to help create a safer and more just world that you want to be part of. 

Listen to the Practice Dirty podcast interview with Hatty Lee

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