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Wilde House Paper

The Reset Journal

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The Reset Journal: A Self-Guided Reflection Journal 

An interactive workbook to inspire self reflection through a guided path to tap into a renewed sense of well-being. Inspired by the innate human desire to build a deeper connection with oneself, the Reset Guide serves as an inspiring yet educational tool to come home to assist in tapping into your inner workings to define who you are and what you believe in. 

The Reset Guide will help you to set intentions, develop rituals, and embody the inspiration that resides within your soul. As you transition through each of the three phases – the Past, the Present, and the Future, this guide aims to bring a sense of renewed purpose and understanding to shed light on where you’ve been, what you need in this moment and where you’re headed.

Through a series of guided prompts, inspirational articles, and intentional exercises, this guide will help lead you into a new season of life, or whenever you need to reset and connect back to yourself. This intuitively designed journal will guide you through the process of carving a path forward that reflects your most authentic self.

The answers you seek are often within you, you just need some assistance bringing them out of your subconscious mind and to the surface of your awareness. This workbook will help you do that. 


  • 11.25"L, 8.5"W, 0.5"H
  • 52 pages of guided prompts, 
  • Letterpress printed on paper made from recycled hemp. 

Wilde House Paper

Wilde House Paper began as an intention – to use design as a medium to connect with ourselves, others & the Earth.  Paper is a medium that at times is an afterthought, but when you take a step back, paper is a vehicle of everyday interactions and meaningful moments. 

Based out of San Luis Obispo, California, stationery studio Wilde House Paper uses recycled paper and sustainable materials whenever possible to bring its lifestyle goods to life. Mindful in design from aesthetic to eco-friendly materials, each product originates from an entirely unique work of art, providing a valuable addition to your curated lifestyle.

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